Co-living for entrepreneurs and freelancers.


Co-living for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

We believe.

We believe that gathering passionate people in the same place is the formula for innovation. And yet too many people are afraid of sharing ideas and diversity. We prove them wrong!

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We can see the future.

We can see the future because we live it today. Companies send us products to be tested. Our community is built around young professionals, they tend to be early adopters and very active on social media. Our sponsors get highly focused feedback and promotion, and we enjoy the future before anybody else.

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Startuphome in your city.

How to get a Startuphome in your city.

We are expanding to new cities and building new themed houses. Our ideal partner is a person passionate about business and hospitality, the local city council, or a company with local interests.

Contact one of our existing expansions.

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Winning is a team game.

We work with great partners from many different countries. Open innovation, talent exchange and job creation are a huge part of our mission.

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