Your company may engage a community of young entrepreneurs, programmers, journalists, video makers and in general curious people. They tend to be early adopters and very active on social media. These are a few examples of successful partnerships.

Product Testing

We host your product in our house in an early phase, sometimes before it’s released on the market. You get highly focused feedback at a fraction of the usual cost, and often get promoted as a secondary effect. Our members tend to be very open to new products and so do their communities.

Just a note – we do NOT endorse products for a payment. Every product or service is truly used by our community. Their feedback is honest and to date it has always been useful.

A few examples of products we have enjoyed.

Patron Program

Open to companies, individuals and non profit. You can sponsor 6+ months accommodation for one of our members. Become the patron of the next Elon Musk or Judy Faulkner.

We don’t charge any commission. In fact, helping talent is part of our mission.

They may be a tech talent or a person from your country, to name just two examples. This is so much more than traditional promotion: a person, a story, their future. When they raise funds, build a company or launch a product, it will be also thanks to you.

Cryptocurrency Program (and Blockchain Lab)

We host your managers in our Fintech House. They will be able to use our Bitcoin Lab, engage startups in this market, and gain first-hand experience of the future of money.

Our Fintech House is well connected to the financial district, Canary Wharf, the O2 and multiple conference centers. If you need to be in London anyway, you may decide to exchange a boring hotel for the Fintech House. Match your job with some intriguing learning time and enjoy the lively neighbourhood of Greenwich.

(The Blockchain Lab is under construction. It’s the best time for a sponsor).

House Sponsorship

What about sponsoring an entire house? Testing your products trough an entire community of young entrepreneurs. Being connected to their success stories.