We Believe

We believe that pursuing your dreams is a tough journey. You should not be alone.

We believe that bringing together international talent in the same place is the formula for innovation. And yet many people are afraid of sharing ideas and diversity. We’ll prove them wrong.

We believe that young entrepreneurs could prevent a new dark age, but only if they don’t isolate themselves from the rest of the world.

That’s what we believe.

Communities of international entrepreneurs should grow in every city — big or small. Innovation and diversity can’t be a monopoly of Silicon Valley, London and a few other places.

Entrepreneurs should build a great variety of companies — big and small. The future can’t be made over a small number of unicorns, companies worth over $1 billion. A future worth living can only be founded on diversity, where the next Facebook lives alongside many small shops, artisans and educators.

That’s what we are working for.